Image by Brook James

Image by Brook James



I'm a designer, maker, thinker and educator based in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm currently working as a Designer and Researcher at Monash Mobility Design Lab; Teaching Associate at Monash Art, Design and Architecture (MADA); and RMIT, School of Architecture and Design.

As a design practitioner, I create artefacts, experiences, services and systems. I am particularly interested in how the combination of digital fabrication and traditional craft techniques can decentralise our economy, encourage creativity and improve people’s access to goods and services.

Through my Doctoral thesis, I developed a platform for designing battery-electric buses in Australia. The outcomes considered vehicle design, passenger experience and strategies for successful provision of a public transport service. My ongoing work with the Mobility Design Lab focuses on developing product service systems to address environmental impact in the area of public transportation. 

As an educator, I strongly believe in learning and teaching through making. I am focused on exploring contemporary teaching methods and new technological platforms to enhance the student learning experience.